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Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study

19 May 2017
The second annual industry survey conducted by VQA Ontario and Deloitte on sector health and profitability is now available.

Download the 2016 Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study.

The Ontario Wine and Grape Strategy was renewed by the Ontario Government for five years commencing in 2015/16. In support of the strategy, VQA Ontario was asked to develop and implement the first annual Ontario Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study. The survey and report were developed by VQA Ontario and Deloitte in 2015 in consultation with representatives of the wine and grape industry and the Government of Ontario.

The study is aimed at providing benchmarking and performance data to support the reporting commitments of the Wine and Grape Strategy and to improve the industry's access to sector performance information. The report provides an overview of the financial state of the industry, including the impact of tourism and hospitality.

Download the 2015 Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study.

2016 Vintage Report released

16 December 2016
A great vintage in 2016, capped off with the official start of Icewine harvest on December 14….

View the full Vintage Report on our website.

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VQA Ontario is an independent regulatory authority that has been delegated the responsibility for administering the Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999 by the Ontario government.

VQA Ontario establishes, monitors and enforces a system of quality standards and verification of product origin for Ontario wines. Only those wines made from 100% Ontario grown grapes, and approved by VQA Ontario may use appellation terms and descriptions. These include geographical terms such as "Prince Edward County", "Niagara Peninsula", "Lake Erie North Shore", and "Estate Bottled" as well as terms that are linked to regulated production processes such as "Icewine" and "Late Harvest".