Appellation Authority launches new winery audit program

Posted: October 18, 2021

OWAA auditing wine warehouse
The Ontario Wine Appellation Authority launched its new winery audit program in August 2021.

The audit program had been provided under contract by the LCBO.

The new program is fully integrated with the Authority’s existing wine certification and retail inspection programs.  The audit portion reviews winery compliance with VQA requirements including declared origin and composition of approved VQA wines, production and labelling standards, and reporting requirements.

Wineries can expect a more focused audit experience with emphasis on origin, composition and labelling.  The Authority’s risk-based approach to inspections has been revised to expand on synergies with the audit program, reduce duplication and ensure effective oversight.  Bringing the audit program in-house improves coordination and consistency of all compliance activities, and often an immediate resolution of minor compliance issues.

We appreciate the invaluable assistance of the LCBO and AGCO in making this a smooth transition. These agencies monitor requirements in their respective areas and we anticipate continued collaboration.