Board of Directors

List of directors and scheduled meeting times
VQA Ontario is a not for profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors. Nine Directors are elected from winery members and one each from the Ontario government, the Grape Growers of Ontario and the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association.

Of the elected Directors, 3 each are elected from large, medium and small class wineries with VQA wine sales of over 750,000 litres, 100,000 to 750,000 litres and under 100,000 litres respectively. Provision is also made for regional representation.

Board of Directors List - July 2017

Brian Schmidt (President & Chair)
Vineland Estates Winery
Ken Douglas (Past Chair)
The Thirteenth Street Wine Corp.
Louise Engel (Vice Chair)
Featherstone Estate Winery
Paul Kassebaum (Treasurer)
Arterra Wines
Martin Werner (Secretary)
Ravine Vineyard
Greg Berti
Andrew Peller Ltd.
Jim Clark
Colio Estates Winery
Tony Elenis
Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association
Bill Redelmeier
Southbrook Vineyards
Mary Shenstone
Government of Ontario
Paul Speck
Henry of Pelham
Dan Sullivan
Rosehall Run Vineyards
Kevin Watson
Grape Growers of Ontario

2017 Board of Directors Meetings

Next Meeting
September 6, 2017
Location: TBD
November 22, 2017
Location: TBD

All are scheduled from 9:30 to 2:30.

Note: Board meetings are open to
Directors only

2018 Meetings

The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Niagara Peninsula region on July 19, 2018.