The Ontario Wine Appellation Authority ensures every VQA wine meets origin and quality standards. With origin and composition auditing, laboratory testing, tasting by an independent expert panel, and a  comprehensive label review, consumers can trust the label integrity that VQA offers.

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VQA standards are comprehensive but flexible, providing a framework to craft authentic wines of origin.  Rules and regulations cover grape origin, variety and quality, composition and precise labelling requirements.  Each finished wine is tasted and tested before release.

Applications for VQA certification in 2021

VQA certified wines in 2021

Joining the VQA PROGRAM

Join us and showcase your wines as certified appellation wines.

What does it take to
craft a

It takes a commitment to growing grapes in Ontario and a passion for great wine.  It takes heart and soul. It takes innovation and dedication to show what Ontario has to offer as a premium wine region.

Wine Categories
and Labelling

VQA standards for packaging and labelling are comprehensive.  Label integrity for consumers is our number one goal.

Wine certificaton requires completing a laboratory analyisis, tasting and label review to ensure each finished wine meets the VQA standards.

Meet Ontario’s Wine PRODUCERS

Ontario has close to 200 wineries making VQA wines all across the southern reaches of the Province.  From very small artisanal wineries to those with a national presence, Ontario’s VQA wineries are as diverse as the Province.  

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