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Wine in Ontario is intimately and dynamically related to a sense of place. The land and climate, the nuances of soil and sun; the minerality and diversity of landscapes – influencing conditions across Ontario while creating unique regions for the production of grapes and wine.


Emerging REGIONS

Beyond the defined and named appellations of origin, grapes are grown in many other regions within Ontario.  Several areas have small well-established vineyard plantings and many others are finding success with new and innovative viticultural practices.  VQA wines made with grapes grown in these regions meet all the required standards for composition and quality and carry the origin designation VQA Ontario VQA.

aerial view of Port Dover, Ontario Canada Autumn scene
Clear Waters in a Gray Cliffed Cove at Indian Cove in Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario
Autumn storm clouds form over driftwood on a Lake Huron beach - Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
VQA Certified wines in wine glasses


Ontario winemakers are immersed in the cultivation, interpretation and communication of terroir as it is reflected in their wines, from vineyard to bottle. Choosing VQA wines means choosing quality wines of origin.

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VQA ensures truth-in-labelling for consumers of Ontario’s wines of origin. 100% Ontario and 100% integrity.

With origin verification, extensive laboratory testing and independent reviews, we ensure devotion to rigorous winemaking standards and label integrity that consumers can trust.