TASTE the Place

Great Ontario VQA wines come from a promise of Origin, Authenticity & Quality

VQA Wine served at a home

VQA is about Place. Special places right here at home. Places like nowhere else in the world. Where the soil, the slope, the sunshine, the warmth, the rainfall and the craftsmanship all matter. Together, they give us better grapes. And better grapes give us better wine.

Origin. Quality. Authenticity.

Every VQA wine shows where the grapes are grown - look for it between the VQA letters on the label. Winemaking standards and label integrity are enforced through a rigorous certification program that consumers can trust. Every VQA wine is 100% grown and crafted in Ontario so you know it’s an authentic local wine.

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We are Ontario's wine AUTHORITY

A regulatory agency responsible for maintaining the integrity of regional wine appellations and enforcing winemaking and labelling standards.

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