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You must start your search by entering a brand name. Further refine your search within a particular brand by selecting a type of wine, a grape variety or a vintage date. Keep in mind that some wineries use many different brands – try several if you are looking for a specific wine.

Your search results will include only those wines that have been certified since June 2008 and only those wines produced by wineries that are active participants in the VQA certification program. Wines made by wineries that are no longer actively producing VQA wines will not appear.

You will see many wines listed without a description. This field was created in 2016 for wineries to provide additional identifying information so most wines will display basic information only.

The varietal content of a wine is shown only if it was certified as a varietal wine. Wines that are proprietary blends will not show the grape varieties.

If you wish to confirm that a specific wine is VQA certified, please contact us with detailed label information, and a photograph if available.